Chemical Peel






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$20 for 30 mins



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Red Light Therapy


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Scalp Massage


Anti-Age Facial (V-Line)

$160 - The V-Line is an innovative treatment for lifting and toning and provides an effect similar to medical threading lifting procedures. Collagen fibers and PDO (peptides) are massaged and layered into the skin creating a firming effect. A nano gold molding mask is used for antiaging and nourishing properties

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$80; This facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a Dermaplane, serum customized for your skin needs, moisturizer, and sunscreen. No mask is included.


$75; A custom treatment designed specifically to refine pores, relieve razor burn, sooth and condition compromised by deep cleansing, steaming, extractions, and specialized mask for your condition. This is a relaxation treatment every man should take advantage of

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Holistic Crystaling Peel

$500 (SERIES OF FOUR) This treatment is suitable for dramatic skin texture improvement, safe without irritation & considered Holistic. Induces the production of collagen, increases cell turnover, great for oily & acne skin. Melts black heads & sebum clogged pores. Helps to reduce pigmentation. For best results, it is recommended to undergo four weekly treatments, each one stronger than the previous. If you commit to four weekly treatments, you will be offered a discount of $25 if paid in advance.


$55; A shorter version of the Basic Facial that takes approximately 30 minutes

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$130; This skin tightening facial is a non-invasive “facelift” using microcurrent to “retrain” muscles to return to their original design. Those who have epilepsy, are pregnant, or have a pacemaker are not eligible for this treatment. It is recommended to schedule at least four treatments within two weeks for best results.

MyoLift (series of FOUR)

$500; Series of FOUR MyoLift treatments


$130; Microscopic pathways are created by using a special tool that allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin to address lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation issues


$130; The Oxyjet Elixar is for those who want to improve damaged skin by applying a bubble mask and a nourishing ampoule to help inhibit the production of melanin, brighten, moisturize, and sooth your skin. Good for all skin types

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PEEL - Anti-Aging

$175; A mild peel that addresses advanced aging, deep wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

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PEEL - Mild Chemical

$150; After skin is cleansed and dermaplaned, a mild peel is applied to penetrate slightly deeper into the skin to address troubling issues

PEEL - Mild Chemical Mini

$115; A peel solution is applied to a cleansed face to address troubled skin issues. The mini does not penetrate as deeply as the regular peel as no dermaplane will be performed


$100; A deep cleansing, exfoliates dead skin, extractions, customized mask, massage, moisturizing, and sunscreen protection.

Signature Plus

$125; This facial is a deep cleansing, exfoliates dead skin, extractions, dermaplaning, customized mask, massage, moisturizing, and sunscreen protection.


$75; This facial educates the teen on the importance of self care and how to properly care for their own skin. They will receive cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, moisturizer, and protection.


Clusters - $50

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Individual Extensions

$140; Individual lash extensions

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$75 up to 75 mins

Tint - Brow


Tint - Brow/Lash


Tint - Lash


Back Treatment

$70; Deep cleanse, steam, extractions, mask, moisturizer on the back. Great for back acne (bacne).

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Ear Candling


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EPILFREE - Hair Reduction Treatment

A non-laser hair removal treatment that begins with using a special wax for hair removal, a product used to open the pores, and a product that will kill living hair follicles. Multiple treatments are necessary as new hair is continually growing. A great treatment with minimal discomfort to reduce, if not, remove unwanted hair.

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Skin Classic

$30 per irregularity Packages are available

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TINT - Brow/Lash

Brows - $25 Lashes - $30 Combo - $50

Underarm Brightening Treatment

$45; Lightens underarm hyperpigmentation

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$45; Perfect for those with ingrown hair issues. After wax and post cleanse, a cool mask is applied for 10 minutes, followed with a moisturizer to reduce, if not eliminate, ingrown hair growth.


F - $35; M - $45

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M - $45


F - $45; M - $55

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Brows and Lips



F - $25; M - $30








F - $12; M - $15

Leg (1/2)

F - $45; M - $50

Leg (Full)

F - $75; M - $80
















F - $15; M - $18


F - $25; M - $35

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Non-laser hair removal with minimal discomfort

Skin Classic

Treatment of minor skin imperfections including, but not limited to, Acne, clogged pores, blackheads; Broken Capillaries; Cherry Angiomas; Fibromas; Sebaceous Hyperplasia; Sebhorrheic Keratosis; and Skin Tags.